Skikda Port Company: 5% increase in the volume of activities in 2021.

Skikda Port Company: 5% increase in the volume of activities in 2021.

in10 April 2022

Skikda Port Company : 5% increase in the volume of activities in 2021.
The port company of Skikda has recorded a 5% increase in the volume of its port activities in 2021 compared to the year 2020, it was learnt Thursday from the company.

The volume of trade carried out by this port company, during the year 2021, exceeded 22 million tons against 21.111 million tons in 2020, that is to say an increase of 5%, said to APS its CEO, Imad Djalal Tanfour. As for the hydrocarbon sector, trade exceeded 19 million tons last year against 18.510 million tons in 2020, added the same official who stressed that the volume of trade in gas products exceeded 3.666 million tons, an increase of 82% compared to the previous year. According to the same official, the traffic of general goods increased by 4% with a volume of 2.700 million tons against 2.600 million tons in 2020, saying that the volume of exports exceeded 18.781 million tons in 2021, an increase of 6% compared to 2020. He said that the volume of exports of general goods has increased by 128%, while the volume of exports of hydrocarbons has increased by 5% during the last year. Imports during the same period recorded a 5% drop compared to 2020 with a volume of 3.283 million tons, according to the same source which noted a 20% decline in container activity with the processing of 124,357 containers in 2021 against 154,621 in 2020. Despite the exceptional sanitary situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the port company of Skikda has achieved a turnover of nearly 10 billion DA in 2021, thus recording a 7% progression compared to 2020, Tanfour said. The same source stressed, moreover, that the year 2021 was characterized at the port company of Skikda by the launch of clinker exports (raw cement) for a total volume of 255,000 tons, saying that in order to improve the conditions of export of this material, the port company will soon acquire a ship loader. Mr Tanfour added, moreover, that the port company of Skikda exported in 2021 ”for the first time” a generator of 284 tons produced by the General Electric Algeria Turbines (GEAT) factory of Batna, considering that the operation of exporting a generator of this size was ”a success” and constitutes ”a great achievement”. This operation for the success of which all means have been mobilised will be followed by other export operations of turbines and generators, he assured. Also, as part of its contribution to the fight against the epidemic of Covid-19, the port company of Skikda has donated an oxygen generator and a filling station for oxygen cylinders to the Abdelkader Nettour hospital of Collo, in addition to various resuscitation equipment for the Saâd Kermeche hospital of Skikda, it was recalled. The company has also launched several vaccination campaigns for the benefit of workers, their families and citizens, in coordination with the wilaya’s health department.

Published:27.01.2022 (APS)

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