Entreprise Portuaire de Skikda

Harbor overview


Port Company of Skikda, by abbreviation E.P. Skikda

Legal status

EPE, joint-stock company governed by laws and regulations relating to business autonomy

Share capital

9,000,000,000 DA held by a single shareholder, the Services Portuaires-SERPORT group

Management organization

Company organized as a single-unit General Management

Creation date

Decree no. 82-284 of August 14, 1982 and modification of the articles of association as a joint-stock company dated March 21, 1989.

Territorial competences

Mixed Port of Skikda, New Port of Skikda (Oil Port).

Fishing harbors


Activity and missions

  • Management and operation of tools and port facilities.
  • The exercise of towing, piloting and mooring operations.
  • Carrying out stevedoring and handling operations.
  • The exercise of police and port security missions.
  • Execution of maintenance, development and renewal of the port superstructure.
  • The development, in conjunction with the other authorities concerned, of maintenance work programs for the development and creation of port infrastructures.