Entreprise Portuaire de Skikda

History of the port

Stages of the construction of the port of Skikda

The landing stage built during the colonial period has today become one of the jewels of the national economy and an essential pawn of an integrated hydrocarbon pole, which conveys the growth and economic development of independent Algeria.

1854 : The ships that brought the goods from the Metropolis unloaded in the roadstead, half a league from the shore, and in bad weather sheltered as best they could in the cove of Stora where the anchorage offered only insufficient protection.

1860 : After the founding of the city, the program for the construction of the port was approved (decree of July 28, 1860).
On August 4, the construction of a better adapted port was finally decided.

1861 : The first part of the work begins in February: a platform is filled in at the foot of Skikda: it is from there that the large pier will start. The port then included a dock and an outer harbor covered from the northeast winds by a breakwater 1,390 m wide. rooted at the tip of Skikda in a South-East-North-West direction and, on the North-West side, by a traverse known as the Château-Vert pier.

1867 : In February: second stage: The embankment of the south crossing separates the port from a smaller dock which will only be filled in later.

1881 : Beginning of the construction of the quays which are completed (North and South sleepers) in 1882.
1884 : construction of the 1,625 m wide pier. length.

1890 : We can say that the Port is finished, all that remains is to fill the small dock, which will be done in 1893.
1895 : Installation of the 1st gantry crane

1938 : The public equipment includes four steam cranes of an obsolete model, installed on the South and South-East quays of the dock, a pontoon-mast of 50 tons, the Société d’Entreprise Maritime et Commerciale has two floating cranes of 12 and 8 tons. The railways of the port are connected to the head station of the Philippeville-Constantine railway line installed on the embankments of the dock. Skikda (Philippeville) was the fifth Algerian port in 1938.

1941 : Enlargement of the surface of the embankments and Installation of four electric cranes from 1.5 t to 5 tons and, on the new mole of the outer port intended for coal and heavy materials and a 1 ton coal gantry.

1962 : Independence of Algeria
1965 : Construction of the “Château Vert” jetty.

1969 : start of construction of 03 oil wharfs at the level of the old port.

1972 : Acceptance of the first phase of the new port of Skikda (gas jetties). The first loading of LNG took place in December. Instruction of the 03 oil piers at the level of the old port.
1982 : Completion of the infrastructures of the new port with the start of operation of the hydrocarbon stations (P1, P2, P3) specialized in the traffic of crude oil and refined products.

1985 : Construction of the “Marinelle” wharf.

2001 : the President of the Republic inaugurates the control tower of the old port. Unique design building in Algeria.

2003 : Development of post P13 for the reception of large tonnage ships (35,000 tons)

2005 : Installation of OFF-SHORE buoys for loading super tankers of 320,000 T

2007 : The commissioning of the dry port of 07 Ha

2006 – 2012 : Reinforcement of the quays of the old port.