Entreprise Portuaire de Skikda

Port expansion

Extension of the oil port

As part of the current project to extend the New Port by SONATRCH, it is planned to:

  • Build a second secondary pier with a new LNG loading station suitable for super LNG carriers with a capacity of 220,000 m3;
  • Build a new quay with a quay length of up to 846 ml, a draft of 15 m and a storage area of 16 Ha for loading and unloading containers and various liquid or solid products;
  • Reconvert the LNG-M1 loading station into an LPG loading station;
  • Build a new P4 oil berth for loading and unloading large vessels with a capacity of 250,000 tons with reinforcement and extension of the main pier.

Ensure the road link between the New Port and the East-West highway

In order to guarantee the fluidity of the heavy traffic generated by the commissioning of these new infrastructures, in particular the new Quai à Divers, the E.P. Skikda envisages:

  • The reconstruction of a bridge over the mouth of Oued Saf – Saf;
  • Rehabilitation of the decommissioned Wilaya 18 (CW18) road.