Entreprise Portuaire de Skikda


Development of the mixed port

¬ Dredging and rock excavation to increase the draft at the outer harbor basin and access channel to berth 13 :

¬ Extension of the embankments :
It is :

  • The increase of 07 Ha of the embankment towards the West on the secondary pier of the Château Vert mole, which will allow the creation of a container terminal with a total surface area of more than 11 Ha;
  • The reloading of the easement basin (0.7 Ha) which will make it possible to optimize the operating surfaces and extend the quay linear by 70 LM for the Marinelle quay which will have a total length of 370 m.

Creation of a container terminal and acquisition of modern handling equipment:
¬ Creation of a container terminal
As part of its policy of optimizing and increasing existing reception and processing capacities, the Skikda Port Company has opted for the creation of a container terminal at the level of the Château Vert jetty equipped with modern handling equipment (the acquisition and installation of 02 gantries and 04 RTGs), this investment will make it possible to:

  • Guarantee optimal safety during ship operations at the terminal;
  • Rationalize and increase storage capacity by + 120% (4,600 TEUs current to 10,240 TEUs projected);
  • Reduce container loading/unloading times;
  • Reduce the time ships stay at berth and waiting in the roadstead, and thus control demurrage costs;
  • Reduced maintenance costs and operational costs;
  • Reduce environmental impacts;

Installation de 02 portiques sur rail

Installation de 04 RTG